Meet the Gatto Pups

Anyone who knows Joe knows that there are two things he loves: pastries and puppies. As an avid lover of Italian desserts, Joe has conveniently named his dogs after his favorite treats. His loyal sidekicks were the stars of his best-selling book “The Dogfather: My Love for Dogs, Desserts and Growing Up Italian,” which has more than 500 5-star reviews on Amazon.



The First Gatto Pup

My name is Cannoli, and I was the first member of the pack. During my time as an only child, Mom and Dad forced me to model to help pay for all my vet bills. Dad makes fun of me for being afraid of fireworks and cardboard boxes, but he's the first to say that I am the most beautiful pup in the pack.


The First Rescue Pup

Hi there! My name is Biscotti. I was the second member of the Gatto Pup pack. Although I was brought in second, I am truly the leader of this pack of pups. Not only am I the leader, but I am also dad's favorite. Don't worry, the other pups know it too. I think it's because I am the first dog he has ever rescued.


The Dog With the Epic Tongue

I'm Mishkeen! My name means "awwww....poor thing". Knowing that might make you go "awww...poor thing," and thats the point! I was the first senior dog to ever join the Gatto Pup pack. Dad says I was the most entertaining dog he has ever had.
♥️ RIP Mishkeen (? - 2016)



My official name is Tartufo, but my parents call me Tufi. Dad makes fun of me because I am lanky and awkward. It's my long legs! I never know what to do with them!


The King of the Castle

My name is Zeppole. After Mishkeen moved on, I took the open senior spot in the Gatto Pup pack. Joe's daughter Milana was my cuddle partner. And, in full disclosure, I snored quite loudly. ♥️ RIP Zeppole (? - 2018)


My Rescue on the Road

Hey! I am Spumoni, and dad adopted me when he was traveling for work in Las Vegas. When I curled up on his lap, he decided right then and there that he would take me home to be a part of the Gatto Pup pack. I totally picked the right guy to snuggle up with that day!


The Dog with the Diaper

I'm Pignoli, and I was the third senior dog to join the Gatto Pups. I was blind and deaf so my parents put a diaper on me to make sure I didn't have any accidents. I spent most of my days sleeping, but sometimes I joined my mom to help her make TikToks. Even though I didn't do much, I loved being a part of the pack. ♥️ RIP Pignoli (? - 2020)


My Most "Dog" Dog

What's up, guys? I'm Napoleon! I am the baby in the Gatto Pups pack and currently the only boy. Dad says I am his more 'dog' dog. I love to play, dig, and fetch, although the rest of the Gatto Pups are showing me how fun it is to nap.
Panna Cotta

Panna & Cotta

The Old Ladies

Hi, I am Panna (laying down) and I am Cotta (sitting up). Together, we are Panna Cotta, the fourth and fifth senior pups to join the pack. We're bonded sisters that didn't want to leave each other's side. Luckily, there was room for both of us to become Gatto Pups. We enjoy naps, cuddling, and more naps.

♥️ RIP Panna (? - 2021)



The Big Pup

Howdy! My name is Struffoli. I am the first big Gatto Pup in the pack. My dad said he always wanted a big dog, but he didn’t think through the bed situation. Now there is a lot less room for him at night.


The Fluffiest Pup

My name is Ganache and I was the sixth senior pup to join the pack. I was a 10-year-old sweetheart and fit in perfectly with the other Gatto Pups.

♥️ RIP Ganache (? - 2021)


Tiny But Mighty

Hey! I'm Tortoni, a senior Maltese mix rescued from the streets of New York. Even though I'm blind and partially deaf, I try my best to keep up with the other pups in the pack!

Fettuccine Alfredo

The Meat Trade Survivors

We're Fettuccine (left) and Alfredo (right), a brother-sister duo from Animal Haven! Because we were rescued from the dog meat trade, we like to keep to ourselves and have some trust issues, but we're settling in quite comfortably as Gatto Pups.


The Senior from Virginia

Hi, I'm Marshmallow! I was the sweet senior the Gattos got from Virginia. When they found out that I was sick and in need of a fospice, they opened up their home for me to live out my final days and feel loved. ♥️ RIP Marshmallow (? - 2021)


The Playful Senior

My name is Pesto, and my bonded sibling was Gnocchi. We did everything together. Don't let my obnoxious bark fool you; I was incredibly sweet! I loved cuddling and making the Gattos laugh.

♥️ RIP Pesto (? - 2022)


The Chubby Senior

Hey! I'm Gnocchi. My bonded sibling Pesto and I came from Animal Haven. Even though I'm a little chubby, I'm super active and love running around with the other Gatto Pups.

Tiramisu & Burrata

The Yin and Yang

Hi, friends! We are Tiramisu (right) and Burrata (left). Tiramisu is an adorable, fluffy dog who mom says is the prettiest senior in the Gatto Pup pack so far! Burrata, on the other hand, has a heart murmur, is blind, and is heartworm positive, but he is the sweetest, most gentle soul. Watch Burrata get a bath here:


The Second Chance Rescue Senior

Hey! My name is Gelato, and I am a senior from Second Chance Rescue NYC. I have diabetes, which means that I have to get insulin injections. Mom jokingly sings the song "Shots" by LMFAO and Lil Jon when this happens to lighten the mood and make it less painful!


The Active Senior

I'm Calzone, a 10-year-old puppy mill rescue! I have a deformity in my front leg, but that won't stop me from getting around with lots of energy!


The Newest Addition

Hey everyone! My name is Nutella, and I was surrendered by a family who could no longer take care of me. I was in bad shape. All of my teeth had to be pulled out due to dental issues (ouch!) and I needed a full shave because I was completely matted, but now I look fly!